Welcome Kits for Guests

To ensure your Safety, Comfort and Well-being, in all BeGuest reservations will be available several Welcome Kits, so that - with all confidence - you have at your disposal products that will be used only by you and your family.

Welcome Basic

Kraft Paper Bag Kit with:

1 Dish Sponge
1 Soap
1 Garbage Bag
1 Bottle 30ml Dish Detergent
1 Yellow Cloth
1 Cotton Dish Cloth

Each 2,50€

Welcome Luxe

Kit in sealed cardboard with:

2 Powdered Milk Sachets
2 Instant Coffee Sachets
2 Cookie Sachets
2 Sugar sachets
1 Tea Sachet

Each 2,80€

Welcome Bath

Sealed Kit with:

1 Bottle of 30ml Shower Gel
1 Bottle of 30ml Shampoo
1 Soap
2 Rolls of Toilet Paper 15mts

Each 2,00€

Welcome Pet

Sealed Kit with:

1 Bottle of 30ml Special Animal Shampoo
1 Biscuit
1 Refreshing Cleaning Towel
1 Bag for waste

Each 2,50€

Welcome Bath Eco

Kit sealed with biological products:

1 Bio Soap
1 Bottle of Bath Gel
1 Bottle of Body Cream
1 Bio Comb
1 Toothpaste
1 Bio Toothbrush

Each 2,50€

Kit Secure

Box with:

1 hygienic mask, with bacterial filtration (tissue with bactericidal treatment)
2 Ampoules of 5ml each, hydroalcoholic gel.

Each 1,75€

Kit Slips

Slips with organza bag, 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Each 2,50€

Kit Clothes

Super resistant hanger, 100% recyclable and made with biological material.

Each unit, 0,98€

Ampolas Álcool Gel

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