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With BeGuest, you have a Dedicated Account Manager, access to owner dashboard with reports and real data of your property.

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Local Accommodation Licensing Consultancy
ASupport and advice, during the licensing process, including BeGuest may represent the Owner if requested.

Legal and Financial Support
Throughout the process, Owners will receive financial advise accordingly to each case.

Our experient team proceeds to numerous analyses of the market with special attention of the area of the property.

Revenue Management
Dynamic pricing throughout the year for a higher probability of occupation of the accommodation, maintaining the rentability.

Interior Design Consultancy
Our team will present an Interior Design proposal totally personalized and optimized for Guests requests and accordingly to Owners budget.

Owner’s Dashboard
Dashboard access with real-time reports and data about the property.

Ads in the biggest Reservation Platforms
BeGuest has partnerships with the biggest reservation platforms, aswell itself website with reservation system for worldwide exposure of the property.

Reservation and Communication Management
Reservation and communication with Guest, since the very first contact until the allocation in the accommodation, is managed by BeGuest with our experient team.

Dedicated Account Manager
Each property has a BeGuest team member totally dedicated, performing the management of the property for a proper function 24h a day, 7 days a week.

Guest Support 24/7
Our Account Manager team, secures the communication with Guests in a proper, consistent and safe way, making sure all requests are complied, which frees the owner of further preoccupations and tasks.

Presential Check-in 24/7
All check-in - no exceptions - are made presential with the Account Manager of the property, that certifies the function of the accommodation before Guest arrival and makes a personalized follow-up, knowing the tourist market and constantly improving the accommodations in order to maintain the quality of our services.

Operational Coordination (1)
In all stays, our HouseKeeping team clean the accommodation which assures the good conservation including alert for possible corrective* reparations needed.

Partners Management (2)
BeGuest, throughout it partners, offers numerous Extra Services for Guests, so they may have a memorable stay, which is an added value and surely reflects in the accommodation and its profit.

Max Commission

Max Commission


Plus 23% VAT.

(1) Cleaning, Laundry and Maintenance.
(2) BeGuest has a partnership network from Transfers to Food Delivery, among other services, which are added value for the guest. Learn more here.
*The corrective interventions in the properties will be transmitted to the owner and the responsible technician will present a quote for approval.

How Do BeGuest Commission Plans work?

At BeGuest, we believe Transparency is the base of any commercial relationship, therefore we designed our commission plans to be transparent and clear as possible to the owners, to prevent surprises or misunderstandings.
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